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By Sara White posted 02-05-2017 09:52



As I think back over my almost 50 year pharmacy career I realize how much I have learned from other successful people. Things that rarely you find in books and programs. Is it not really the attitudes, approaches, flexibility, relationships, etc. that allow you to maximize your expertise and have a satisfying life and career?

To this day I frequently ask myself what would Clif Latiolais, Larry Shoup, Marva Tschampel, Marialice Bennett, Bill Miller, Diane Gary and others from Ohio State do in the situation I find myself in as the best thing I ever did was to do the Ohio State residency and masters degree program. I then was fortunate to be hired at the University of Kansas Medical Center and School of Pharmacy where I learned so much from working with Harold Godwin for 20 years as we built comprehensive, computerized pharmacy services and integrated the clinical education faculty and educational program with our pharmacy services. I will always say that the staff, students, colleagues and over 100 residents I have worked with taught me so much as well. Along the way I seized the opportunities to be active in professional organizational leadership where I also learned from working with Joseph Oddis, Henri Manasse, Mary Joe Reilly, Susan Cantrell, other ASHP staff, Board Members and Officers.

As I retired in 2003 I wanted to continue to give back by assisting others to be successful. I am going to out line several ASHP resources that you may find useful for your own self development, assisting the people you work with, students and residents you interact with. As Health-System Pharmacy has grown it is harder for young people to get to know personally the folks who are later in their careers, which stimulated me to do these projects.

Conversations with Health-System Pharmacy's Most Influential Leaders. Individual and Topic Videos and Podcasts including discussion guides.

Individuals you will find are: Stephen Allen, R. David Anderson, Susan Cantrell, William Ellis, Sharon Murphy Enright, John Gans, Lisa Gersema, Harold Godwin, Lucinda Maine, Henri Manasse, Joseph Oddis, Paul Pierpaoli, Pamela Ploetz, Max Ray, Mary Joe Reilly, Bruce Scott, Dennis Tribble, Sara White, Billy Woodward, David Zilz, Tribute to Gloria Francke, and Tribute to Clifton Latiolais. These are located on the Foundation Web Page Leadership Program Tab and you don't have to be an ASHP member to view them. These can also be found on YouTube.

Topics include the following as excerpts from the individual Conversations:

Pioneers and Innovators: Gloria Niemeyer Francke and Clifton Latiolais

Pioneers and Innovators: R. David Anderson and Harold N Godwin

Dual Career Couples: The Work-Life Balance with Susan Cantrell, Lucinda Maine and Sharon Murphy Enright

The Evolving Practice of Health-System Pharmacy from the perspectives of Pam Ploetz, Billy Woodward and Sara White

The Value of Mentors: Maximizing the Mentoring Relationship from Bruce

Scott, Paul Pierpaoli, David Zilz and Harold Godwin

Landmark Events: Milestones Shaping the Future of Health-System Pharmacy

from the perspectives of Max Ray, Joseph Oddis, Mary Jo Reilly, John Gans and

Dennis Tribble.

Landmark Events: The Development of Specialization with William Ellis You can also find then on YouTube

The ASHP Women in Pharmacy Leadership Steering Committee produced the following Podcasts.

Susan Boyer, Rita Jew, Michael Powell, Debra Devereaux, Hannah Vanderpool and Meta Lou Henderson Can also be found on iTunes under ASHP Women in Pharmacy Leadership .

Letters Books

Susan Cantrell had read a couple of books by Ellyn Spragins where accomplished women wrote letters to their younger selves and suggested she and I do something similar for pharmacists. In talking with ASHP Jack Brugeman and Ruth Bloom they advised us that it is the personal stories both of success and struggles that would make our book really powerful. As pharmacists we don't often talk about ourselves so we challenged the people we sought out to provide stories, which they rose to the occasion nicely in their letters. Letters to Younger Pharmacist: Sage Advice on Life & Career from Extraordinary Pharmacists so along with Bruce Scott ASHP published it in 2014 with 35 letters from folks mid to late career.

The letters you will find are from the following people: Paul Abranowitz, Stephen Allen, Ernest Anderson, Roberta Barber, Marialice Bennett, Susan Teil Boyer, Susan Cantrell, Toby Clark, Daniel Cobaugh, Debra Devereaux, Sharon Murphy Enright, Jeanne Rucker Ezell, Kate Farthing, Joyce Generali, Lisa Gersema, Diane Ginsburg, Harold Godwin, Stuart Haines, Mick Hunt, Kathi Lucas, Henri Manasse, Thomas McGinnis, Paul Pierpaoli, Pamela Ploetz, Barbara Schlienz Posser, Max Ray, Jennifer Riggins, Michael Sanborn, Bruce Scott, Ronald Small, Robert Weber, Sara White, Billy Woodward, and David Zilz.

Once we finished the Letters Book, I jokingly ask what is our next project and Susan said what about letters from folks early in their careers the “up and comers”. I was intrigued and thought about what concerns I hear as I travel and speak professionally. We sought out people who from their personal experiences could share how they are achieving a satisfying life and career. You probably have seen the marketing for Letters from Rising Stars Advice on Creating and Advancing Your Career in a Changing Profession just published by ASHP at the end of 2016. The following are the 30 people and letter topics available.

Samm Anderegg, PharmD, MS, BCPS
Follow Your Passion, Focus on Relationships, Develop Expertise, and Enjoy the Ride

Jennifer (Jen) L. Austin, PharmD
Planning and Opening a New Hospital Pharmacy and Having Broad-Based Impact

Udobi C. Campbell, PharmD, MBA
Don’t Turn Down Opportunities Even If They Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Delia Charest Carias, PharmD, BCPS
Sometimes Others Know You Better Than You Know Yourself

Rick Couldry, RPh, MS, FASHP
Although Not Easy, a Guy Can Have It All—Family and Successful Career

Kristine R. Crews, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP
Your Contribution May Be in a Field That Has Not Yet Been Imagined

Joseph A. Dikun, PharmD, PhD candidate
Find Your Own Way Even If It Is a Change from Your Original Path

Brent I. Fox, PharmD, PhD, & Georgia W. Fox, PharmD, BCPS
Navigating the Profession and Life as a Married Pharmacist Couple: Life Will Inevitably Throw You Curveballs

John B. Hertig, PharmD, MS, CPPS
Think of Your Life-Career as Your Four-Chambered Heart

Felicity A. E. Homsted, PharmD, BCPS
Life Is Never What You Expect It to Be

Scott J. Knoer, PharmD, MS, FASHP
Leading an International Pharmacy Enterprise

Paul R. Krogh, PharmD, MS, BCPS
Handling Your Personal Finances Appropriately and Other Management Advice

Ashley E. Lanham, PharmD, MBA
Whatever Is Worth Doing at All Is Worth Doing Well

Matthew (Matt) Lennertz, PharmD, MS
Sometimes the Ideal Opportunities Are Disguised in the Disappointment of
Missing Out on Another Opportunity

Robert (Rob) A. Lucas, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, FASHP
The Impact of Succession Planning and Paving the Way for Others

Marni Lun, PharmD, MBA
Tapping into the Influence of a Few to Positively Impact the Actions of Many

Lesley R. Maloney, PharmD
Everyone Loves a Good Story

Christina Y. Martin, PharmD, MS
Go Forth with an Open Mind and Be Passionate About What You Do

Katherine (Kat) A. Miller, PharmD, MHA
Network and Think About What Makes a Good Boss

Kathleen (Kathy) S. Pawlicki, MS, FASHP
It’s Not Easy, But a Gal Can Have It All—Family and Successful Career

Nirali Rana, PharmD
Leadership Roles Allow You to Be Present at Work and at Life

Carly Rodriguez, PharmD
Sometimes It’s Not About What You Know, It’s About Who You Know and
What They Think About You

Leigh Ann Ross, PharmD, BCPS, FASHP, FCCP
Work Hard, Seize Opportunities, and Dream Big

Elisabeth (Liz) M. Simmons, PharmD, BCPS
Having One Foot in the Clinical Realm and One Foot in the Operational Realm

Kelly M. Smith, PharmD, FASHP, FCCP
Being Successful as a Tenure Track Faculty Member

Eric M. Tichy, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, FAST
Keep Your Eyes Open and Seize Opportunities

Jacob J. Tillmann, PharmD, BCPS
Conducting Successful Residencies

Jennifer E. Tryon, PharmD, MS
Mentors—A Gift

Aaron P. Webb, PharmD, MS
Legacies Aren’t a Burden, But a Blessing

David E. Zimmerman, PharmD, BCPS
Integrating a Clinical Practice and Academic Career

I hope these are useful to you.