Gender Science

By Sara White posted 12 days ago


The September 2017 issue of Scientific American is The New Science of Sex and Gender. These are the specific articles, which are fascinating to read.


  • Promiscuous Men, Chaste Women and Other Gender Myths
    • False: behavioral differences between the sexes are innate an immutable
  • Is There a “Female” Brain?
    • A debate is raging over whether women and men have meaningful different brains
  • When Sex and Gender Collide
    • Many transgender children show surprisingly firm identities at young ages
  • Beyond XX and YY
    • A host of factors into whether someone is female, male or somewhere in between
  • Not Just for Men
    • Researchers and doctors must dig deeper into gender differences before they can provide women with better treatments
  • Life Before Roe
    • Access to abortion increasingly depends on a women’s income or zip code
  • The Brilliance Trap
    • How a misplaced emphasis on genius subtly discourages women and African Americans from certain academic fields.
  • Girl Code
    • Closing the gender gap in computer science at an early age
  • The Blogger and the Trolls
    • Turning online harassment into a force for good
  • Women’s Work
    • Why are the barriers to economic opportunity so hard to change
  • Mind the Gap
    • Gender inequality remains a global phenomenon
  • Return of the Missing Daughters
    • Harsh traditions that harm girls in Asia have started to change
  • The Woman Who Saved the Planet
    • By harnessing “female energy” former UN negotiator Christiana Figueres convinced humanity to take on climate change
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Sara, thank you for sharing this! Some great resources.