Interested in Integrating Your Life and Career and Being Successful

By Sara White posted 12 days ago

As you plan your MCM schedule be aware of this Monday 2-4 Gems session in room W308B level three. It is five minute "pearl" type presentations.

Gems Schedule

  • 12:00 PM2:05 PM Announcements Sara J. White
  • 22:05 PM2:10 PM A Guy's Perspective Integrating Life and Career Rafael Saenz, Pharm.D., M.S.
  • 32:10 PM2:15 PM Integrating Two Young Children with a Pharmacy Career Melinda (Mindy) Burnworth, PharmD, FASHP, FAzPA, BCPS
  • 42:15 PM2:20 PM Planning Your Life and Career as a Marathon Tricia Killingsworth
  • 52:20 PM2:25 PM Life Hacks Jennifer Robertson, Pharm.D., BCPS
  • 62:25 PM2:30 PM Managing Three Young Children, Husband with a Demanding Career and a Pharmacy Career Carrie Morton
  • 72:30 PM2:35 Utilizing a Stay At Home Dad To Integrate Life and Career Katie Sheldon
  • 82:35 PM2:40 PM Utilizing Emotional Intelligence Ruth Dapaah-Afriyie
  • 92:40 PM2:45 PM At Work Should Women Act Like Men Ron Small
  • 102:45 PM2:50 PM Delegating Effectively Jennifer Tryon
  • 112:50 PM2:55 PM Women Leading Men-Tips From A Guy Dennis A. Tribble
  • 122:55 PM3:00 PM Keys To Executive Presence Nishaminy Kasbekar, Pharm.D., B.S., FASHP
  • 133:05 PM3:10 PM From A Guy's Perspective Why Is Participating In the Women's Initiative Critical Kevin C. Anderson, M.B.A.
  • 143:10 PM3:15 PM Minimizing the Tendencies To Apology or Discount Self Kristine Gullickson
  • 153:15 PM3:20 PM Seeking and Serving as a National Professional Organization President Lisa Gersema
  • 163:20 PM3:25 PM Oncology Specialist to School of Pharmacy Founding Dean Rebecca Finley
  • 173:25 PM3:30 PM Moving From Clinical Practice to A Big L Leader Role Katie Mieure
  • 193:35 PM3:40 PM Serving On and Chairing a Board of Pharmacy Susan Boyer
  • 203:40 PM3:45 PM Starting, Running and Selling Your Own Business Sharon Murphy Enright, B.S.Pharm., MBA
  • 213:45 PM3:50 PM Being Successful in Academia and Professional Organizational Leadership Lea Eiland
  • 223:50 PM4:00 PM Conclusions Sara J. White