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The Power of Policy: Pathways for the Future

The Power of Policy: Pathways for the Future

Next week, ASHP members from across the country will kick off ASHP’s annual policy process.  They will spend two days discussing the issues that affect the way that pharmacy is practiced in hospitals, health systems, and ambulatory clinics. The results of those intense deliberations are the foundations of ASHP’s professional policies, which will shape how we care for our patients now and stimulate further change and ideas for the future. In addition, they will set the course for our advocacy efforts with Congress, accrediting groups like the Joint Commission, and others.

In my new “From the CEO” column in ASHP InterSections, I talk about how the groundbreaking policies approved in June by the House of Delegates will impact pharmacy practice.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the column. Read the full version on InterSections and let me know how you see these policies affecting your practice and your patients.

Excerpt from : The Power of Policy: Pathways for the Future
Today, ASHP stands strong as an organization adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of our patients as well as the changing demands within health care as whole. And, it is all because of you, our members. You make this happen. Through ASHP’s professional policy process, our members do not just play a significant role in bringing new and innovative ideas to the forefront of pharmacy practice; they are the catalysts for our efforts.

In June, there were several groundbreaking policies that came before the ASHP House of Delegates for debate that will make similar strides for pharmacy practice, including policies related to pharmacist prescribing, board certification, and licensing and training of pharmacy technicians. All of these were inspired by the recommendations of ASHP’s Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI). I’d like to share some thoughts about them with you.

While these policies concern different aspects of practice, they have one thing in common: a shared vision for the future of the profession in which pharmacists are essential members of every health care team, helping our patients with our deep and extensive knowledge about all aspects of medication therapy.


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