Survey Results Take Summer Meeting in New Directions

By Colleen Bush posted 03-29-2012 07:54


You may have heard that ASHP has made changes to the Summer Meeting.  Last year in Denver we tried out some new things based on valuable input from member surveys.

After the 2011 Summer Meeting, attendees were surveyed again to assess their reactions. This feedback helps us organize and plan future meetings.  What did attendees tell us? They told us they liked the changes and new additions and we have incorporated them into the Summer Meeting in Baltimore. 

  • While the majority of attendees heard about the meeting through ASHP communications, about a quarter heard about the meeting though word-of-mouth from someone else. According to the survey, more attendees were “first-timers” than in the past (39% vs. 27%).
  • Since about 9 in 10 attendees indicated that they discussed the meeting in a positive way afterward with friends and colleagues, we are hoping that this will result in even more “first-timers” this year.
  • The change that survey respondents favored most was “more CE content in my area(s) of interest.”  The most popular enhanced program series was the Medication Safety Series.  This series as well as the Clinical, Informatics Series, and Leadership Learning Community will be conducted at the Summer Meeting in Baltimore. 
  • When asked for suggestions for future session topics, several attendees mentioned Pediatrics.  New at the Summer Meeting in Baltimore, there are 2 sessions devoted exclusively to Pediatrics.
  • Almost all attendees said they attended the two free lunches that were served in the Exhibit area. So of course two free lunches will be served in Baltimore as well (and a free breakfast)!

 Reading the many comments that attendees wrote shed light on their feelings.  Here are just a few:

“Networking is worth the dollars; the enthusiasm and meeting content are extraordinary.
“The Summer Meeting provides all of the benefits of Midyear in terms of educational programming and networking but on a smaller, more intimate scale.
“Overall cost seems to be justified by the knowledge that I brought back to my department.”

Thank you ASHP members for helping us plan and evaluate the new and enhanced Summer Meeting in Denver.  It helped us plan with a knowing eye what you’d like for the upcoming meeting in Baltimore.  Member participation in ASHP surveys is invaluable to us all!