Tweet, Tweet: Almost Time to Amaze at the ASHP Summer Meeting!

By Colleen Bush posted 05-10-2012 16:25


How Twitter-active are ASHP members? According to an ASHP Member Survey conducted last summer, 25% of student members and 13% of practitioner members use Twitter.  These figures are very similar to a nationwide poll of the general population conducted by the Pew Research Center. So when it comes to Twitter usage it appears that ASHP members are about “average.”

However when it comes to ASHP national meetings, our attendees are way above the crowd! They create very active meeting twitterfeeds and include interesting and engaging pictures that chronicle their experiences that are truly entertaining!  The twitterfeed at the 2011 ASHP Midyear Meeting resulted in great fun and amazing outcomes! (Read about it here.)  

The Summer Meeting in Baltimore is fast approaching (June 9-13).  Be sure and use the hashtag #ashpsm in your tweets about the meeting. There will be another twitter contest and the rules will mirror those of the 2011 Midyear Meeting contest.  How will you amaze us this time with your pictures and snappy captions?

The 2012 Summer Meeting Twitter Contest Rules
The person who tweets the best picture and accompanying caption/tweet will win the contest.  The picture can be anything related to ASHP’s 2012 Summer Meeting (including your journey there).  Every #ashpsm tweet with a caption and picture will automatically be entered. A panel of ASHP judges will select the top 10 captions/pics and then tweeters will pick the winner via a post-meeting survey.

The prize will be a $50 gift card to a national electronics retailer, a twitter mug, and a twitter winner icon. A separate contest will be held for ASHP employees who enjoy getting into the Twitter action too (same rules/prizes for them).

Never tweeted before? No problem! Ask someone you see tweeting to help you get going. A meeting is the perfect time to start tweeting.



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