PPMI Blog Series - What is PPMI?

By David Aguero posted 12-16-2012 22:23

What is PPMI?

You might have heard it on rotation, or while working, and you definitely heard it if you attended The Midyear. These days PPMI is definitely a buzzword in hospital pharmacy practice.

The Communications and eCommunications Section Advisory Group will create a series of blogs in the coming weeks ranging from, “Hey, what is PPMI?” to breaking down opportunities students and interns have to further the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative. Use this information on interviews, in practice, or just to better understand what’s going on in your chosen profession.

Back to our original question: What is the Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative (PPMI)?

“PPMI is an initiative of ASHP and the ASHP Foundation to advance the health and well-being of patients by developing and supporting a futuristic practice model that efficiently utilizes pharmacists as direct patient care providers. Implementing this initiative also will instill passion, commitment, and pro-activeness amongst hospital and health-system pharmacy practice leaders. PPMI goals are to meet 5 different objectives that look to expand the role of a pharmacist in patient care. These objectives include: creating a framework, determining services, identifying emerging technologies, developing a template, and implementing change.”

Stay tuned for more information, and check out the following resources if you want to jump ahead:
  • ASHP offered a student webinar on PPMI in the past, available here 
  • Don’t forget to check out the ASHP official PPMI website 
  • Did you know there’s an ASHP Connect Community Dedicated to PPMI accessible here


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