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Back during the boom (when I was just out of high school), I knew I would ride the wave to the top. While in college getting my B.S. in biology, I started my own web development and database design business. It did well for a few years, but I wanted to do something more meaningful. I decided on pharmacy (because pharmacist have the coolest gadgets, right?). During pharmacy school, I worked in a retail chain and never even thought of hospital pharmacy as an option. I was active in several pharmacy organizations, participated in many outreach projects and served on one national committee during the time. Working with those organizations helped me to see what an impact pharmacists of all kinds can have on healthcare outcomes. I knew I chose the right profession, though I wasn’t 100% sure about retail anymore.

As I was about to sign my “graduation” contract with that retail pharmacy in April of 2007 (I graduated in May), I heard about a job at the Arkansas Heart Hospital. I’ve always loved cardiology and I thought it would be cool to learn something new, so I took the job. Boy, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Not only was the cardiology specialty new, but I’d never even stepped foot inside a hospital pharmacy before. I had several hospital rotations, but they were all clinical. Make an IV? Huh? We did that once in school. . . What’s a code blue? (Okay, I knew what a code blue was. I just didn’t know what I supposed to do at one). Talk about jumping in head first!

Even if you aren’t that new, being a pharmacist is a learning experience. I learn something new every day. The only constant in medicine is that it will be different tomorrow. I hope to share some insight, coping skills and fun stories with you in the following year.

I am also a professional blogger for, a New York Times company, and I have given talks around the country about the power of blogs and social media. My friends call me a tech geek and gadget freak, so I hope to share some of the tech that will make your life as a new practitioner easier and help you confront the challenges of social media.

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