Attending the ASHP 2017 National Pharmacy Preceptors Conference (NPPC) is the single best action you can take to strengthen your precepting skills and program effectiveness. NPPC is the only national conference focused on education and networking for pharmacy preceptors and residency directors. NPPC delivers more valuable in-person connection opportunities and offers more relevant professional development than any other meeting or event. Learn More.

This August, in addition to welcoming you at the National Pharmacy Preceptors Conference, ASHP turns 75, and we have a yearlong campaign filled with surprises and exciting events for our members to celebrate this significant milestone. The last 75 years have been marked by so many ASHP-led advances in pharmacy practice, including: the creation of postgraduate residency training, clinical pharmacy, enhanced recognition of pharmacists as vital members of the interprofessional team, the largest gatherings of pharmacists in the world, and so many more.

Although much has been accomplished over the last 75 years, our focus remains on the future, and ensuring that more people have access to the direct patient care services of pharmacists. Therefore, the theme of our yearlong celebration is Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future. We hope you join us this August in Washington, D.C. to celebrate 75 amazing years and begin planning for the next 75 years.