How to Process CE

NEW IN 2012!  The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) no longer permits Continuing Pharmacy Education providers to issue continuing education credit for attending a portion of an educational session. Attendees must attend the entire educational session to receive ACPE continuing pharmacy education credit. The CE Session Code will be announced at the conclusion of the session.

CPE Monitor: ASHP will begin to report completed CE activity credit to ACPE beginning January 1, 2013. Please be sure to print and retain your ASHP CE statements for your records prior to this date. If you have not already done so, be sure to obtain your NAPB Unique eProfile ID by visiting

Educational Sessions and Workshops

You must record the CE Session Code for each session you attend.  These codes are announced at the beginning and end of each session; they are not found in the Onsite Program.  Check with the ASHP Room Monitor if you miss the code.

  1. Login to the ASHP CE Center using your ASHP username and password.
  2. Click the link Process Meeting CE.
  3. From the list of live CE activities, find the ASHP 2012 Summer Meeting and click on Start.
  4. For each day of programming, locate the educational sessions you attended.  Enter the CE Session Code and select the number of hours you attended from the drop-down box.  Click Submit.
  5. Click Submit on the Program Meeting List screen to complete your entry for the meeting and follow the prompts.
  6. Complete the evaluation for each session you attended to print your statement.


  • If you attended ASHP Advantage Symposia, but did not register for the Summer Meeting, follow the instructions provided at the symposia for processing CE online.
  • For other industry-supported symposia scheduled in conjunction with the ASHP Summer Meeting, contact the symposia organizers for CE information.


  • Exhibitors may process CE through the ASHP Exhibitor CE Center.
  • Exhibitors who are ASHP members can use their ASHP login information to request CE credit for sessions attended.
  • Exhibitors who are not ASHP members can create an account, select the designated meeting, then select the exhibiting company name and request CE credit for sessions attended.

For assistance, please go to the ASHP Meeting Info Center or email the Educational Services Division at