Reflections from an ASHP Extern – Experiences that Foster Growth

By Alfred Awuah posted 12 days ago


Going into my APPE rotation, I was excited about the vast opportunities to take advantage of at ASHP. From enhancing my leadership skills to meeting several new people, I knew the Experiential Education Program would broaden my perspective of pharmacy and help me grow both personally and professionally. Reflecting during my final week at ASHP, I can confidently say the experiences have far exceeded my expectations and enabled me to develop valuable skills I will carry with me as a new practitioner and beyond. 

A major component of the experience is working on different projects. Being in the Office of Member Relations, many of my projects provided perspective on how ASHP creates meaningful content to service members and allowed me to recognize ASHP’s role in advancing pharmacy practice. For example, I had the opportunity to identify resources that aid residents and preceptors in meeting program expectations. Additionally, having multiple projects to work on helped me improve my organization and time management skills with each project being prioritized suitably to meet deadlines. I found developing this skillset both applicable and vital as I plan to pursue a career in health-system pharmacy administration. 

Networking with ASHP staff was one of the many enjoyable experiences during the rotation. ASHP is a distinct association in regard to being comprised of over one hundred staff members, including past presidents of ASHP and professionals from outside of pharmacy. Each member possesses a unique background that contributes to the overall strength of the organization. Learning from staff provided me with multiple perspectives on leadership and practice that I can incorporate into my career, such as connecting with the individuals you work with to be the most effective leader. 

In closing, I would like to thank my preceptor, Dr. Gina Luchen, my co-externs, Michelle and Peter, and all of the staff at ASHP for the valuable learning experiences. Despite a virtual environment, everyone I encountered at ASHP was open, welcoming, and passionate about their work. Furthermore, I would encourage any student pharmacist seeking to grow and develop themselves to apply to the Experiential Education Program. The experiences and insight I have gained through this rotation have expanded my knowledge of professional leadership and understanding of how ASHP is advancing the profession of pharmacy.   

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3 days ago

Enjoyed seeing your enthusiasm for ASHP and its value to members and the public! So proud to have you as a mentee!