New Director, CareerPharm Seeking Your Input

By Brad Pierson posted 12-18-2012 14:39

As ASHP’s new director of CareerPharm, I would like to introduce myself to all of you that rely on CareerPharm’s products and services to either find career opportunities or recruit qualified talent into your organization. I come from a background of more than eight years growing and developing career-related product lines and ten years in business development. In my career, I have learned a number of lessons in maximizing an association’s role in careers.  I plan on leveraging my past experience along with internal and external resources to continue CareerPharm’s successful path that has been set by my predecessors.

That is where you come in. My first mission in my new role will be to collect the thoughts and feelings of CareerPharm’s audience, both from a job seeker and a recruiter perspective. I ask and encourage you to comment on this blog post with any methods that you have worked for you that we could potentially offer, any positives or negatives about our current product lines or any general thoughts you may have. I have a few ideas of my own on ways to grow our offerings as I will list below to get the discussion started.
  • Talent management information for organizations, such as salary information and the scope of a professional’s work. Also, identifying the best methods to recruit and retain and grow the right employees into leadership roles. 
  • More opportunities for job seekers and recruiting organizations to interact directly, either virtually or in person. 
  • Career framework for professionals providing guidance in your career path from student to leader and all points in between. 
I also plan on continuing Meredith’s initiative of providing you with career advice from my perspective. I am certainly not an expert in these matters, but I do spend most of my time speaking with the experts and researching the field of careers. I will begin doing this in my next blog post. In anticipation, I’d love to hear some suggestions for   a subject matter on which you’d like to hear my views.

I look forward to working with all of you. If you ever want to reach me directly, you can do so by phone at (301) 664-8719 or by email at My lines are always open.

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01-05-2013 17:35

Hello Brad,
Thanks for introducing yourself to the community.
I've used CareerPharm twice, both for PPS Midyear. I appreciate the convenience of finding multiple positions in the field I want. It's how I found my residency :)
Please keep up your hard work to bring in employers!
While using PPS, I found it difficult to use the messaging system. It would be easier to use my email to contact and organize my messages. The process wore me out every time I needed to contact my interviewer or review information from a message.
While I think the messaging system was made with the best of intentions, I don't think it matches up to ASHP quality.
I believe it's still usable, it's just clunky, and not user friendly.
Overall, CareerPharm is great. I send students that way when they look for jobs. I'm very thankful for your efforts.