Service: “an act of helpful activity”

By Brent Fox posted 01-09-2013 15:29

I must first express a sincere thank you to those individuals who felt I was deserving of this award.  I am immensely grateful to be recognized by my peers.  I must admit that it is quite humbling to receive recognition as an individual when so much of the work that the Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology accomplishes is through collaborative, group efforts.  So, I must say a heartfelt thank you to all of the great people I have worked with over the years, both the members and staff of ASHP.  Any attempts to name all of the people who have positively influenced my efforts within ASHP will certainly result in a glaring omission (or two), so I will simply write, you know who you are.
                                      defines service as “an act of helpful activity”.  This definition’s perspective is from the person, group, or organization that is the recipient of the service.  As I listened to the comments from the other Distinguished Service Award winners at the Midyear Clinical Meeting, I was struck by the impact service has on the person performing the service.  My experience has been that I gained much more from my service to ASHP than I ever anticipated.  The Section of Pharmacy Informatics and Technology is a group with significant diversity in background, experience, and responsibilities.  Through my service to the Section, I have had the opportunity to interact with the complete range of pharmacy informaticists, from  PharmD students just learning about informatics, to many informatics luminaries who paved the way and who continue to guide the discipline.  While these interactions occurred in the context of my service to ASHP, I truly believe that I may have benefited more than ASHP.

During my comments (link to video) at the MCM, I remarked that a significant event for me professionally was the creation of the Section.   I would like to again thank the ASHP leadership for recognizing the role of informatics as an enabler of optimal health-system pharmacy practice.  Your forward looking vision of creating a professional home for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians whose role is informatics was a demonstrative step, signifying the importance of what we do.

Clearly, I am surrounded by - and extremely grateful for - a wonderful support system that empowers me to serve ASHP.  This support system begins with my wife and includes my family and my colleagues at Auburn.  Thank you for the sacrifices you make so I can do what I love.

With my gratitude,

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