ASHP Recertification Ambassador - New Practitioner: Hypertension Module

By David Martin posted 06-30-2015 19:26

Good evening!  I hope that your summer is off to a great start!  It's hard to believe that June is already coming to an end.  With the end of June comes a time of transition for me and many other pharmacy residents.  Today is my final day of my PGY-2 infectious diseases residency, and I look forward to beginning a career as an independent practitioner.  My new position will actually be as a medicine clinical pharmacist in an academic medical center.  With this position, I will need to focus not only on infectious disease-related issues but also on a variety of other medical problems.  As such, completing this latest ASHP re-certification module was quite timely!

I recently completed the Pharmacotherapy Intensive Study Part B: Hypertension.  The presenter did an excellent job reviewing the recent JNC-8 guidelines and comparing their recommendations to those of other guidelines.  With JNC-8 came some controversies, and it was nice to see how other groups addressed those issues.  As a pharmacy student and new resident I tended to think of guidelines as the end-all, be-all of what I should be recommending.  However, this module explained how guidelines can still be interpreted clinically and applied to an individual patient.  It is important to not only understand what the guidelines are recommending, but also to understand the primary literature that supports (or doesn't support) that recommendation.

The hypertension module served as a good refresher for me, and I plan to use what I learned as I transition to being an independent practitioner in my new role.  I look forward to continuing to work through the ASHP re-certification courses as the year progresses!

Until next month,
- David

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