BCPS Re-Certification Ambassador: Group 2 of the Pharmacotherapy Specialty Review Course

By David Martin posted 05-26-2016 20:24


Good Evening, and I hope everyone has been enjoying some of this summer weather we have had in Chicago this past week!  Earlier this month, I took advantage of a few rainy days to complete the group 2 courses in the pharmacotherapy specialty review course provided by ASHP.  This group included presentations on research design, nursing home care, and breast cancer.

Like the other topics covered in this review course, I really enjoyed the format of the lectures.  The presenter incorporated the topic into a patient case in order to better understand and apply the material.  They also provided excellent supplemental material to help with studying for the exam or just to brush up on skills for yourself.  The breast cancer topic provided excellent tips on supportive care for all cancer patients, citing practical guidelines and literature that we can use in our everyday practice.  I will say that some of the questions on the exam were tricky and didn't seem to apply towards pharmacotherapy (more specific to chemotherapy).  The speaker for the research design presentation made an otherwise snooze-worthy topic much more interesting, and the exam questions were relatively straight-forward.  I will definitely be looking for review courses with a similar format to the pharmacotherapy specialty review course series in the future!

Until next month!

- David

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