ASHP Recertification Ambassador: STDs, Marijuana, and SGLT-2's

By David Martin posted 08-14-2016 20:00


I hope your summer has been fun, relaxing, and productive!  I recently spent some time working on a few ASHP modules to earn both CE and BCPS recertification credit.  These modules covered topics in infectious diseases, diabetes, and neurology through pharmacotherapy literature reviews.  For those who haven't seen this format before, a series of articles or guidelines are provided to you that address a certain area.  After reviewing them, you answer questions about the articles and apply what you learned to example patient cases.  This provides an excellent learning environment because this is often how we are using primary and secondary resources in our every-day lives as clinical pharmacists.

By completing this activity, I was able to review the STD guidelines recently published in 2015, develop a clearer understanding of all the new diabetes medications that have been flooding the market, and learn some data about how the active ingredient found in marijuana can be used to treat epilepsy and other neuropsychiatric disorders.  While I may use some of what I learned more often that other things, it is always good (and fun) to learn new things and keep your mind fresh and open to new ideas!

I hope you are able to take some time to continue your learning as well, and if you are looking for some BCPS recertification credits, definitely check out what ASHP has to offer!

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