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Calling all resident preceptors!

By Diana Park posted 04-21-2016 00:07


A few days ago, I was in a meeting with my current PGY2 resident to go over plans for the upcoming weeks ahead. For the next three months, the final stretch of her residency year, she will serve as the primary preceptor for two PGY1 residents and four P4 students in the emergency department. She will have to juggle her day-to-day responsibilities as well as lead topic discussions and patient presentations with students. She looked a little overwhelmed, but that’s understandable. Having completed the same residency just a few years before her, I knew exactly how she felt!

This is an all too familiar scenario. Most residency programs require their residents to serve as preceptors for students following the model of “see one, do one, teach one.”  While wonderful in theory, we have found that residents are often times unprepared to serve as preceptors. Many programs do not equip their residents with the right tools or training to serve as adequate preceptors and residents are often left to figure it out on their own, sometimes at the expense of the student! That’s a lot to put on the plate of a PGY1 or PGY2 pharmacy resident whom is also in a learning role.

Unfortunately, information on this topic is difficult to find and not really talked about. But don't worry! The members of the New Practitioner’s Forum Residency Advancement Advisory Group (RAAG) is working with ASHP to develop resources to address this growing issue. The first step will be to gather all of the available information on this topic. Next, we will need to find the ideal vehicle through which we can disseminate the information.  

For those of you reading through this article, what have you found to be the best way to receive this type of information? Live programming? Webinar? CE? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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