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NPF PPAG Update - The (Sunny!) Midyear Aftermath

By Elaine Nguyen posted 12-16-2013 17:19


Aftermaths are usually used to describe the period of time after a negative event, but when the event is Midyear in sunny Orlando the aftermath cannot be anything but a continuation of positives! For many of us, the2013 Midyear Clinical Meeting represented a time to expand our clinical knowledge, network with colleagues, and explore future opportunities. Midyear was also a time for the members of the New Practitioners Forum (NPF) Professional Practice Advisory Group (PPAG) to meet in-person and continue our work. (For more information on where the PPAG last left off, check out Cody’s November blog post.)

The main focus of the December PPAG meeting was to continue moving forward on our work with the best practices for specialty certification and the research repository pipeline:

1) The best practices for specialty certification will focus on preparation for the Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS) exam. The PPAG has been working hard to develop a 10-month study calendar that corresponds with ASHP’s core therapeutic modules to help you stay on track as you prepare for BCPS certification. We will also be developing additional tips for those that prefer to prepare for the exam in a shorter time period than 10 months. We are continuing to explore ways to conduct a virtual study group or other electronic venue to help keep exam candidates accountable and provide an open forum for discussion.

2) The research repository pipeline has a new name (drum roll)…Pocket Topics! We have also decided that this year’s PPAG will focus on developing resources on sepsis and anticoagulation reversal. These are always hot topics and the PPAG’s work on identifying useful resources will keep members up to date in their practice. 

For the PPAG, our Midyear aftermath is a re-energized spirit (it is hard not to be energized after all of that sun!) to complete our charges and provide ASHP members with quality resources to advance their professional development. What’s your Midyear aftermath? Implementing practice change in your workplace? Preparing for the Match? Or something else? Whatever your Midyear aftermath is, the PPAG is wishing you the best of luck!

Cody and I will continue to blog each month so please check back in 2014, but perhaps we will (ASHP)Connect before then! Happy Holidays!    

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