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The leaves are changing colors!

By Elaine Nguyen posted 11-11-2015 09:14


Hi! My name is Elaine and, for the next couple of months, I will be blogging for the New Practitioners Forum (NPF) Career Development Advisory Group (CDAG). First, let me introduce myself… I am originally from the Hawkeye state (IOWA!) and completed my PharmD and Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees in 2013. I then completed two years of residency in Idaho (not to be confused with Iowa or Ohio) at the lovely Boise VA Medical Center. Now, I am exploring the Northeast and completing a health outcomes and economics fellowship with the University of Connecticut and Hartford Hospital. If it was not already evident, I really enjoy training and learning new things so I am super excited to apply my past experiences and join the CDAG to help other new practitioners develop their leadership, professionalism, and career!

The Northeast is known for its fall foliage (people even go leaf peeping!). As I look around anywhere outside, the leaves are definitely changing colors. This has led me to wonder, how am I changing? What type of pharmacist am I? What type of pharmacist do I want to be? I have completed two residencies and I am now four months into my fellowship. How is my career developing? Who knew fall was such a time of reflection! While asking myself all of these questions, I also realized that there are A LOT of resources out there and even more are being developed. This includes resources currently being developed by my own advisory group. Now, I would like to introduce the 2015-2016 charges of the CDAG:

  1. Create a networking webinar
  2. Develop a “How to be an Outstanding Resident” package
  3. Create a “What to Expect at PPS” reference with interview guidance
  4. Assess existing resources on professionalism and recommend and create additional resources

These are all of the things that the CDAG is working on and, of course, there are other advisory groups working on even more resources for new practitioners just like me!

So for now, I am taking this season to do my own reflection, explore current resources, and work with the CDAG to create new resources. I am embracing my changing environment and working with an awesome team of new practitioners to help existing and future new practitioners navigate their own career changes. It is all a work in progress, but stay tuned, because I will be providing updates on the CDAG’s charges and efforts in future blogs! 

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