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Passing the baton

By Elaine Nguyen posted 06-02-2016 18:06


With the arrival of June and the end of the academic year, it is a time of change for many of us. For trainees, this also means it is time to pass the baton and let new and eager to learn pharmacists fill our spots. It is bittersweet as we look forward to our next adventure and reminisce on the good times and memories made.

The 2015-2016 New Practitioners Forum (NPF) Career Development Advisory Group’s (CDAG) tenure is coming to an end and the group is preparing to pass on its own baton. In fact, we had our last conference call just a few weeks ago. I am proud to report that we worked hard and completed our charges and commitment to the NPF! This means that we achieved the following:

  1. Created a networking webinar
  2. Developed a “How to be an Outstanding Resident” package
  3. Created a “What to Expect at PPS” reference with interview and CV guidance
  4. Assessed existing resources on professionalism and recommended additional resources

These products are currently going through the final review steps, but the CDAG hopes that they will be available for members of the NPF soon. Thank you for reading and running with us this past year – it’s been a pleasure!

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