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The Option of Becoming a Traveling Pharmacy Technician By: Danielle Allen

By Ellen Smith posted 06-26-2022 12:58


The Option of Becoming a Traveling Pharmacy Technician

By: Danielle Allen


Opportunities to work in different pharmaceutical fields as a pharmacy technician can may seem limited. However, there are many more options, if you know where to look. One such opportunity is becoming a traveling pharmacy technician. It is common to see or hear about traveling nursing opportunities, but did you know we can travel as pharmacy technicians as well? A life on the road can initially seem appealing, but like most opportunities there are benefits and drawbacks. 


To get started as a pharmacy technician you need to have at least 6 months of experience, with a majority of agencies requiring 2 years. Contracts can vary in length, with the most common duration being 13 weeks. The pay is broken down into taxable and non- taxable wages. The non-taxable wages cover transportation, housing, and food. Agencies provide housing out of your stipend, or you can use the money to find your own living accommodations.  


What Qualifications do I need?

  • Must have a flexible work schedule to accommodate the pharmacy’s needs. 
  • 6 months or more experience 
  • State licensure for desired area
  • National certification



  • Paid weekly 
  • Non-taxed stipends for food, lodging, and transportation
  • Travel (nationwide)
  • Same benefits (medical, dental, vision, 401K, etc.…)
  • Experience to learn how different pharmacies operate 



  • Competitive for contracts
  • Lack of job stability (never in one place for long; next job is not guaranteed)
  • Continuously acquiring state licenses 
  • Constant travel (may be difficult if you have loved ones)


The world is opening up for pharmacy technicians. We are an integral component in the pharmaceutical industry and we are finally beginning to be recognized as such. We hold positions that were once filled by pharmacists, and now have opportunities that previously were not even imagined. So, let’s think outside of the box and expand our careers to new heights!

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06-26-2022 13:26

This is another example of the pharmacy evolution.  Technicians are an integral part of the healthcare team.