BCPS Ambassador :: Recertification Journey :: STDs, Diabetes, and Seizures-- Oh my!

By Emily Ratcliff posted 07-31-2016 22:29


I have spent the majority of this weekend dedicated to completing some BCPS Recertification modules, and it is safe to say my time has not been wasted. As much as I would prefer to be outside hiking or catching up on The Bachelorette (don't judge), I am never sorry when I dedicate time to these modules. For one, I am utilizing a great tool ASHP offers for recertification, and I am also enriching my knowledge base on topics I wouldn't normally brush up on or even come across in my day-to-day practice.

For instance, one of the modules I completed was on the research, medicinal properties, and future opportunities for the utilization of cannabidiol, especially in seizures and other neurological disorders. Talk about fascinating reading. And regardless of my or your moral views on this topic, the research data is pretty interesting and promising. 

Another module I completed was on diabetes and talked about different treatment options for patients, focusing on individualizing treatment regimens to specific patient profiles. I know I'm a little late to the party, but being restricted by formulary as to what our patients (and we as pharmacists) are exposed to in the hospital setting, I was not well acquainted with SGLT2 inhibitors and what they bring to the table. But this weekend I learned that they can provide some weight loss, they do not cause hypoglycemia, and because of their mechanism of action they can be utilized at any stage of T2DM (talk about an advantage). And I also learned what I would consider a clinical pearl-- because they increase gluosuria, they can cause higher rates of genital mycotic infections and UTIs. Fun fact, right? 

Well, I hope that you have either had a super productive weekend like myself or were able to kick it out of gear and relax for a few days (or maybe a healthy mix of the two)...but regardless, thanks for reading. Until next time.