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Revisiting the PGY2 Pharmacy Informatics Educational Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives

By Jesse Feammelli posted 02-23-2017 23:23


As you may be aware, the PGY2 Educational Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives for Pharmacy Informatics are due for a comprehensive update since their inception in 2006. As an initial step in the review process, the Section Advisory Group on Professional Development has been tasked with developing a summary of recommendations that will be considered by the Committee on Credentialing during its final review later this year.

One of the guiding principles for this analysis is to attempt to incorporate practice gaps that were identified by the ASHP Educational Steering Committee. Each specific topic could apply to more than one domain and include:

  • Use of third-party solutions for reimbursement management
  • Use of EHR to optimize Specialty Pharmacy services
  • Use of novel mechanisms within EHR to aid in regulatory compliance
  • Addressing unintended consequences of pre-selected defaults within EHR
  • Designing population health management programs to support appropriate medication use
  • Role of informaticists in Cyber Security and risk assessment
  • Use of project management methodologies
  • Best practices of reporting and use of Predictive Analytics
  • Strategies to develop sustainable Pharmacy Business Intelligence
  • Bridging the Language Barrier between clinical users and information technology
  • Expanding scope of EHR and how to manage rapid growth in functionality
  • Using RxNorm concepts for the future
  • Education and training for new informatics employees

The Professional Development work group firmly believes that feedback from the community at large will help ensure that the revision process is as pertinent and comprehensive as possible. After all, what better way to be an advocate for change than to provide guidance directly to the Committee on Credentialing?

Accordingly, we would like to open a discussion regarding the outcomes, goals, and objectives that may need to be added, modified, or removed. Please feel free to leave a comment on this blog post with your thoughts or send an email to

Thank you, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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03-02-2017 11:20

Thanks for your feedback Dennis. I updated the article with an email address where longer comments can be sent.

03-02-2017 10:45

Jesse, I have a rather long set of comments that seems to break this comment box every time I add it. Is there an email address to which I could send my comments?