PAIAG End-of-Term Hurrah!

By Jessica Winter posted 05-27-2014 20:23


Hello from New Practitioner Forum's Practice Advancement Initiative Advisory Group (PAIAG). 

It is coming to the end of our term, and we wanted to share some of the progress that we have made in regards to our charges from New Practitioner Forum's Executive Committee!

1. Develop and submit a PPMI Spotlight. What is a spotlight? Don't worry - check them out at This year we were able to highlight Mountain Area Health Education Center in Ashville, NC.Take a look -

2. Develop and submit a PPMI Case Study. What is a case study? Don't worry - check one out at Through our poster outreach at MCM's poster session (we targted PPMI related topics) we identified 10 potential case studies from around the country. Good news! We already have two submitted to ASHP!

3. Develop a communication plan to help highlight PPMI related information to new practitoners. We came up with a plan to help communicate - so be on the watch in new practitioner related emails and newsletters!

For any further information regarding our efforts and/or if you think you would like to get involved in a New Practitioner Forum Advisory Group contact me and check out

Jessie Winter

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