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Webinar, Spotlight, Case Study, Oh My!

By Jordan Burger posted 06-01-2015 19:58


With the school year ending, residency year wrapping up, and the Summer Meeting around the corner, it is certainly the time of the year for transitions.  But before the New Practitioner’s Forum Practice Advancement Initiatives Advisory Group (NPF PAIAG) finishes our term, we wanted to share the exciting things we were able to accomplish this year.

Still on the fence regarding board certification?  Wondering what board certification is?  Or just want more information regarding board certification?  We can help provide information to answer those questions.  PAIAG members worked to compose a webinar focused on the benefits of board certification, the process of obtaining board certification, and resources for both obtaining and maintaining board certification.  The best part?  It was entirely put together by and will be presented by new practitioners including individuals who recently obtained board certification, those who are going through the process, and those who are thinking about achieving board certification.  Additional information regarding the webinar ("To Take or Not to Take: The Importance of Board Certification") will be coming this summer.

Wanting to advance practice at your institution?  Wonder what other facilities are doing to meet PPMI goals?  We can help you out with those as well.   PAIAG was tasked to help facilitate submissions of a practice spotlight and case study to include on ASHP's PPMI website.  Practice spotlights and case studies highlight initiatives that helped advance and/or change pharmacy practice to meet PPMI.  We were able to help one spotlight be submitted.   All practice spotlights can be found at  For the case study, members reviewed posters during the Midyear Clinical Meeting in Anaheim to help identify innovative practices to submit for case studies and are working with those presenters to submit case studies.  All case studies can be found at

It’s been a busy, productive year for the PAIAG members and we appreciate the opportunity to help provide resources to ASHP and the NPF!

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