Saying "YES"

By Kelly Smith posted 01-09-2013 09:25


Find yourself in a place of yes.  Stick your neck out.  If not you, then who?  Red rover, red rover, send Kelly on over.  These idioms encapsulate how I find myself at this point in my professional journey.  Somewhere along the way, someone felt I had something to add, and simply invited me to the table.  In this case, it was the ASHP table.  The invitation was not engraved, addressed in beautiful calligraphy, or delivered by a courier.  It was simply a telephone call inviting me to contribute my observations, perspectives and time to a topic I was passionate about.  This invitation to become involved in the residency accreditation process began my formal journey as an active contributor to ASHP.  I did not consider myself especially qualified to answer the call of service, but apparently others did.  This was the first time I personally felt the power of networking, putting my best foot forward, and performing at the top of my game, for I had not sought the opportunity to give back.  Instead, others saw something in me.  Something that made them confident I could contribute beyond my annual membership dues, my occasional manuscript submission to the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy, or my regular attendance at ASHP Midyear Clinical Meetings.   Having the courage to say yes opened up a whole world of opportunity for me, both professionally and personally.  Since that initial call to serve, I have been fortunate to continue my journey of service to ASHP in so many ways, leading me to travel to places and work alongside people I could never have imagined I would.  This journey all began with someone who saw something in me, asked me to join in the fun, and then empowered me to say “yes.”  I encourage each of you to say yes, and then sit back to enjoy the ride.

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