ASHP APPE Elective Rotation, is it worth it?

By Khaznah Alshammari posted 05-05-2024 23:51


Who am I:


Allow me to introduce myself. I am Khaznah Alshammari, an international student from Saudi Arabia. I am pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. My academic journey began with graduating from a Doctor of Pharmacy program in Saudi Arabia and becoming a Teaching Assistant at the University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, I secured a scholarship through employment, enabling me to further my education in the United States. I will start my PGY1 pharmacy residency journey this year at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA. I am engaged with ASHP through the ASHP Pharmacy Forum’s Student Society Advisory Group, where I served as the leader of the membership engagement workgroup.


The Decision Behind Selecting ASHP's APPE Elective:

My decision to undertake ASHP's APPE elective rotation in association management originated from a desire to gain insight into the organization's operations from a different perspective. While familiar with ASHP oppurtunites for involvement, such as SSHP chapters, accreditation, and residency preparation, I wanted a deeper understanding of the organization and its impact. Moreover, I aimed for an APPE elective experience beyond the clinical realm, recognizing the value it would add to my CV for pharmacy residency applications.


Highlights of My ASHP APPE Rotation: 

Despite the virtual nature of my rotation, I had the privilege of virtually meeting with many ASHP staff members. Engaging in one-on-one discussions with them was a personal highlight. I gained insights into their professional journeys, current roles at ASHP, and the stories that fuel their passion for advancing our profession.

During my time at ASHP, I was also involved in various projects, ranging from leadership initiatives to toolkits for students, and joining meetings in different topics such as small and rural hospitals. Through these projects, I profoundly understood ASHP's substantial impact on the pharmacy profession.

I also discussed diverse topics such as policies, medication safety, and healthcare payment methods with my preceptor. As an international student, these discussions broadened my understanding of areas where ASHP advocates for pharmacists' and pharmacy technicians’ roles.


Lessons Learned and Recommendations:

My ASHP APPE rotation was a rich learning experience. While the projects were manageable, effective time management was crucial. The rotation offered flexibility, yet managing deadlines required strategic planning. It sharpened my project prioritization, time management, networking, and presentation delivery skills.

I wholeheartedly recommend this rotation to those interested in managerial roles, fellowships, or pharmacy administration. It provides unparalleled learning opportunities to connect with ASHP members from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, for those aspiring towards residency, this elective enhances the appeal of your CV! Consider submitting your application here.

In conclusion, the ASHP elective rotation is worth it in many aspects. It improved my time management, project implementation skills, communication, and priortization skills. I am incredibly grateful for the enriching experience at ASHP, and I am excited to continue my journey in the pharmacy profession. 

Warm regards,