Distinguished Service Award - Thank You

By Marc Stranz posted 12-21-2012 07:05


I have enjoyed the privilege and opportunity to work with the members of ASHP in a variety of roles over the last 35 years. I was genetically programmed to be a pharmacist, being the 5th generation on my mother’s side of the family and possibly the 9th generation on my father’s side. I started my career taking things from ASHP policies and guidelines, not realizing I would be given the opportunity to put them back for others to use. I actually interviewed with Bill Zellmer for a position at ASHP in 1979 and didn’t make the cut – and that put me on the path to my current career. I am glad I got a second chance to be part of ASHP. My regards to all who contribution to the body of work produced by ASHP and thank you for the honor.

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