The Sky is the Limit: Adopt a Little “PMA”

By Matthew Bilhimer posted 10-29-2014 17:12


I must be candid with you, fellow colleague, in that I have never really been the quotation type of person. I suppose I must chalk this outlook up to an innate stubbornness for not wishing to piggyback on the reasoning and wisdom of others. Commander Spock would surely not approve of my “logic.” However, I must confess that I have kept one particular mantra close to my heart at all times since March; you likely have heard it yourself in your travels.

“Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you'll land among the stars,” is recorded as having been said by William Clement Stone. A noted philanthropist and businessman, Mr. Stone attributed much of his success before passing away at the notable age of 100 to something called PMA. What is PMA, you surely inquire? Why it is a Positive Mental Attitude, of course.

Ever since I obtained the first year residency, I have striven to keep PMA at front and center of every task I perform and every person I meet because, quite frankly, it almost didn't happened. Before the Match of 2014, I certainly had my sights set on the Moon and as life has it, I missed and landed in the Stars. After almost four months of residency I have realized that I did indeed land on the Moon. Every day I count my lucky “stars” that I get to work in my hospital.

Even now, as I have decided to participate in the upcoming ASHP Personal Placement Service for the first time at the upcoming 2014 Midyear Clinical Meeting, I continue to keep PMA in the forefront of my thoughts because despite how things may work out in the short term, life has a way of fixing the long term.

I realize it may be difficult to consistently keep a positive attitude. Residency is hard work and, like any job, there can be highs and lows. For my new practitioner colleagues, I would refer you to the New Practitioner Membership Toolkit. This is an excellent resource to assist in some of the tasks that residents and new providers may find daunting such as research and navigating the Scramble. The toolkit is currently being renovated by the Membership Outreach Advisory Group (MOAG) so stayed tuned for new tips and advice.  MOAG is also developing a presentation for Great X Live at the Midyear Meeting detailing the advantages of getting involved with the New Practitioners Forum. Be sure to stop by during the two day event! Finally MOAG is currently working to identify membership benefits and resources that focus on career transitions for new providers.

I’d like to close by referencing the motto of my home state of Kansas, “Ad astra per aspera.” The rough translation, “To the Stars through difficulties,” is fitting considering the topic of this post as well as the arduous work each and every one of us goes through in becoming the best healthcare providers we can be. 

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11-24-2014 08:12

Great discussion! Choosing PMA is an emotionally intelligent decision, and I'm glad you see the value. One of my favorite quotes is "Be the change you wish to see in the world" (Ghandi). I commit to this and PMA every day. Not everyone gets it, but it has made big changes in the way I am able to listen to others, prioritize my day based on the big picture, and handle conflict. Glad to see you've benefited from it as well!

10-30-2014 14:58

Great Blog, Matt! Thanks for your contagious PMA!