March 2015 MOAG Update

By Matthew Bilhimer posted 03-09-2015 16:06


Greetings fellow new practitioners! The Membership Outreach Advisory Group has been busy throughout the winter months and it is my pleasure to provide you with an update regarding our efforts.

Social Media – Do you have something to say? Tweet at @ASHPofficial with #ASHPnewprac to spread the word regarding information relevant to new practitioners.

Turnkey programs – Have you ever wanted to invite a pharmacy leader to your state affiliate meeting? Did you ever wish for assistance in arranging outdoor events for your local SSHP or local organization? MOAG is currently developing a supplement to help your organization make these questions a reality.

ASHP Mentor Match – Are you looking for a Mentor in your early career? The Mentor Match program is open to enrolling Mentors and Mentees alike. Visit here to learn more!

Resident Rewards – Exploring BPS certification? For the first time, ASHP is offering FREE study materials and a FREE practice exam for those interested in becoming BPS certifified. To learn more about the materials offered and additional details, visit the website here

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