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Your Voice is Urgently Needed in Support of Compounding Legislation

By Paul Abramowitz posted 07-30-2013 18:10


It’s hard to believe that after the 61 deaths and more than 700 meningitis cases associated with the alleged practices at the New England Compounding Center last Fall, the bipartisan Senate bill (S.959) that is designed to prevent a tragic repeat could be facing tremendous opposition.

ASHP strongly supports this legislation. Yet, opponents from special interest groups who want to preserve the status quo are working very hard to defeat the bill. We believe this is at the expense of protecting patients from another compounding tragedy.

It is essential that pharmacists counteract the efforts of these detractors. We have to make a strong case with members of Congress that the changes proposed by S. 959 will protect the important work that we do to serve patients in hospitals, outpatient clinics, surgery centers, smaller inpatient facilities, and medical office practices.

Please take five minutes today to email your two Senators and ask them to vote “Yes” in support of S. 959. In your email, describe the compounding activities, including the use of outsourcers, at your practice site.

I’ve outlined our reasons for supporting S. 959 in my latest “From the CEO” column in ASHP InterSections. Please take time to read it as well as the resources about the legislation that we’ve provided on our advocacy page.

You can make a difference. Your voice really matters to your elected Senators because you can put a face on this legislation and help them to understand how it will impact the people who live and vote in their state.

Be the voice for your patients today. Go to ASHP's advocacy page and make a difference for patient safety!

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