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Our Past Year and the Year Ahead

By Paul Abramowitz posted 02-04-2014 17:15


I value the opportunities I have to meet with and talk to our members. During my visits to state affiliate meetings, schools of pharmacy, and the hospitals and clinics where you practice, I enjoy hearing about the work that you are doing and seeing first-hand how your efforts benefit the patients under your care. These visits also give me a chance to update you on the initiatives that ASHP is undertaking on your behalf.

Just recently I did an interview with William Zellmer for a podcast called “AJHP Voices.” Bill, a longtime distinguished ASHP staff member who served as the Society’s Deputy Executive Vice President and editor of AJHP, hosts this podcast series, which features interviews on contemporary pharmacy issues and discussions with AJHP authors. The podcast gave me a chance to update you on the work that is happening at ASHP.

During our interview, Bill and I recapped a few of the highlights of the Society’s important work in 2013 and looked forward to our plans for 2014. The podcast also includes a special message directed to student pharmacists, residents, and new practitioners.

We packed quite a bit into a brief interview! I hope that you’ll take a few moments to listen to the podcast for news on the work we are doing and that you’ll encourage your colleagues to listen as well. And as we move forward, I appreciate your feedback on how you feel ASHP is meeting your professional needs. I hope to see and hear from you in 2014.



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