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ASHP’s Medication Safety Collaborative

By Paul Abramowitz posted 05-09-2014 14:32

We are excited to inform you that the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) has agreed to collaborate with ASHP on our upcoming Medication Safety Collaborative, which will be held during the ASHP Summer Meetings and Exhibition, on May 31-June 4, in Las Vegas, Nevada.
SHM is the largest national physician organization representing hospitalists and the practice of hospital medicine. ASHP and SHM's collaboration reinforces the critical value pharmacists—when working collaboratively with physicians, nurses and other health care practitioners—provide to foster optimal models for team-based, patient-centered care.

I thought that you would be interested in reading the following blog that will appear in SHM's upcoming publication.

Safety matters—especially to our patients.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) is dedicated to building relationships within the health care community that strengthen medication and patient safety through interprofessional care. We are excited to have the Society of Hospital Medicine’s (SHM) participation this year in our Medication Safety Collaborative. As health care practitioners, our number one goal is to deliver quality care to patients throughout the entire health care continuum. ASHP’s Medication Safety Collaborative helps to achieve this goal.

The collaboration between hospitalists and pharmacists is very important. As medication therapy experts, pharmacists—when working collaboratively with physicians, nurses and other health care practitioners—help to foster optimal models for team-based, patient-centered care. The Collaborative promotes this by offering a unique interprofessional, educational opportunity to bring together practitioners to build and exchange ideas on improving quality and patient care.
The feedback we received about last year’s Collaborative was phenomenal. Participants noted the great sense of community they felt after attending the Collaborative and the valuable resources and networking provided. Participants not only walked away from the Collaborative with continuing education credits in their field, but also with tangible solutions to integrate best practices and deploy new tools to optimize safety and quality outcomes. Our hope is to continue this momentum.

This year we have made the Collaborative an integral part of ASHP’s annual Summer Meetings—as one of three boutique conferences. I cordially invite you to attend and to be a part of this collective experience. As a registrant of the Collaborative, you will also have full access to all of the sessions and events occurring at our two other simultaneous conferences, the Informatics Institute and the Pharmacy Practice and Policy conference. We hope this access will allow you to customize your Summer Meetings’ experience, as you can stay in the Collaborative or attend any individual session of your interest.

The Collaborative’s interactive sessions and networking events, led by a faculty of distinguished patient safety experts, are thought-provoking and engaging. These unifying events bring together an invaluable assortment of knowledge and health care perspectives, like yours, which include: physicians, patient safety officers, nurses, pharmacists, medication safety officers, quality professionals, risk managers, and administrators.

Again, we invite you to attend ASHP’s Medication Safety Collaborative, and look forward to the insight and experience SHM’s members will bring to further enrich its discussions.

For more information on the Medication Safety Collaborative and to register, please visit our meeting web site