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Women in Pharmacy Leadership

By Paul Abramowitz posted 10-14-2015 13:40

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in an ASHP-convened Women in Pharmacy Leadership Steering Committee chaired by ASHP past President Sara White to discuss opportunities for ASHP to address the unique professional and leadership development needs of women in the pharmacy workforce.

The data shows that women represent the majority of pharmacists practicing today; however, they occupy far too few leadership positions in our profession and in healthcare at large, particularly at senior leadership levels. The benefits of a diverse workforce are vast and include different perspectives and experiences that ultimately contribute to better decision-making and a more productive and robust workplace.

Other professions both inside and outside of healthcare face similar leadership disproportions. Women face a gender gap for leadership positions, with fewer women populating the upward leadership path, despite being the demographic majority. ASHP is committed to exploring how to minimize cultural factors and to create an environment for focused mentoring and leadership development of a new generation of women pharmacy leaders.

As an ASHP member for nearly 40 years, I have always admired the organization’s readiness to lead in addressing some of the most complex changes facing our profession, healthcare, and society at large. ASHP has always been ahead of the curve and has the tenacity to devote the time, resources, and attention necessary to find innovative solutions to continue to advance our growing workforce. The issue of women in pharmacy leadership is no exception as we seek to sponsor and promote women leaders.

The ASHP Women in Pharmacy Leadership Steering Committee will meet throughout the year and provide recommendations and advice to ASHP. The Steering Committee will proactively seek input from all ASHP members, and we are committed to taking the best ideas and implementing them into our programs in the interest of nurturing positive change.

I hope that everyone shares our excitement and enthusiasm about this important initiative. ASHP is looking forward to hearing your views. Thank you for everything that you do for ASHP, our profession, and our patients.



10-23-2015 12:35

Hi Josephine! Below is a link to a section on the ASHP website with a recorded webinar on this topic as well as a list of other references. Enjoy!

10-14-2015 23:16

Thank you ASHP for launching this initiative! As a young practitioner, I find it hard sometimes to balance personal and professional commitments. I look forward to the insights that will be shared by the committee. I am happy to help the committee. Feel free to reach out to me via
Thanks, Anne Nguyen

10-14-2015 18:57

I have been a Hospital pharmacist and pharmacy director for more years than I would like to admit. If I can help at all with encouraging other women to take leadership positions, I want to participate.

10-14-2015 16:30

I'm very excited to see such confident and powerful women take the helm. Leaders we can all learn and look up to. I look forward to our future!

10-14-2015 14:54

Thank you for the update on the hard work this group and ASHP is doing around Women in Pharmacy Leadership. I look forward to more updates coming from this group!

10-14-2015 14:37

Hello, I am a fourth-year pharmacy student and I have been researching about the feminization of the pharmacy profession and how occupations are structurally affected by gender shifts (having more females in engineering, accounting...). This project has started to shift toward women in leadership as well. If I can be guided in a certain direction as to what other resources to utilize, I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you!