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Update on the Joseph A. Oddis Building: November 2015

By Paul Abramowitz posted 11-19-2015 12:39

A little over a year ago, I shared with you that ASHP was exploring the option of selling our current headquarters building and relocating to state-of-the-art offices. In that blog, I noted that ASHP had been approached by Montgomery County, Maryland, (where ASHP is located) to explore the Society’s willingness to consider a sale of our building to accommodate the county’s plans for construction of a transit station.

ASHP’s consideration for selling our building centers on one thing: our members. Because ASHP is a not-for-profit professional society dedicated to advancing healthcare and pharmacy practice, any consideration for selling our building must put ASHP in a position to continue providing the high level of service that our members deserve. Further, it must ensure that ASHP remains financially strong long into the future in order to support the Society’s robust public health and membership mission.

After consultation with legal experts and the ASHP Board of Directors, we made the decision to move forward with marketing the building for sale, and have selected a purchaser for the possible sale of our property. We are currently in the process of working with that purchaser on the legal terms that would ultimately guide a transaction. We have also identified and are actively engaged in negotiations for new office space. Should ASHP sell our building and relocate, we would remain in downtown Bethesda, where we have been an active part of the community for nearly 50 years. We would also move into modern offices that would better facilitate member and stakeholder engagement, with continued easy access to public transportation, hotels, and restaurants.

The negotiations continue to move forward. While we are optimistic that we will reach an agreement that will serve the interests of ASHP’s members, a final determination will not be made until a due diligence period is concluded. Once a firm decision has been reached, I will provide you with an update on our future plans.

Thank you for your continued support of ASHP, and for everything that you do for your patients.





11-20-2015 00:06

I completely agree with this position. A building is just a building. If ASHP can leverage this sale for the betterment of the Society and its mission, then selling makes sense. I do realize the work environment for staff is important and trust that ASHP will find more than suitable options in the Bethesda area. I will miss the location but look forward to new adventures!

11-19-2015 21:43

Ray, A significant portion of our staff already work from a remote location or telework for some portion of each week. And yes this is being considered as we project our future space requirements.

11-19-2015 20:31

In this new digital world, do we still need the same type of "building" that made sense over 50 years ago? Many employees and members can now working remotely. Was this factor given careful consideration...?

11-19-2015 15:43

Hi Marsha, Hope you are doing well! Although we wanted to update members about the current status we really don't want to get into the specifics (even at that level) right now in this forum as negotiations are ongoing. We will provide more information about future offices to members at a later date when all negotiations have been finalized. Thanks!

11-19-2015 15:21

Hi all. Such a decision to make. Who knew this would be the case when the building was purchased. Are you planning to buy or lease the new space?

11-19-2015 13:59

Holly, The property would be purchased as a development site. The transit center would be incorporated as one of several components within that future development. The building would be demolished and an entirely new structure (or maybe more accurately structures) would be built on the site where it now sits. So the purchaser would really purchase the land more so than the building itself. Sorry if we confused you.

11-19-2015 13:21

Dear Paul, Thank you for your email and explanation. I have every confidence that you will make the right decision for ASHP and our members. In the first paragraph, you said Montgomery county is planning a transit expansion and they needed you to move. Later on you say that you've identified someone to buy the building- how can this happen if Montgomery County needs the land for the expansion? Holly Strom, Los Angeles