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Transforming AJHP

By Paul Abramowitz posted 01-12-2016 12:31


Happy New Year! As CEO of ASHP, one of my goals has been to help guide the continuing evolution of AJHP, ASHP’s peer-reviewed scientific journal. Over the past year, AJHP has undergone a comprehensive transformation that marks the next phase in the Journal’s prestigious history. I think you’ll like it.

To signify the start of this new era, AJHP is launching a redesign of the cover and interior that will enhance both the print and digital versions. The new design, which launches with the January 15, 2016, issue, showcases the editors’ new approach to content, with theme issues, increased calls for papers, an enhanced digital experience, and a heavier emphasis on editorials that address the most compelling topics in 21st-century healthcare. These editorials will contemplate complex topics, pose difficult questions, and envision a better future for patients.

The newly designed Journal cover itself reflects a major change in AJHP’s mission: “Advancing Science, Pharmacy Practice, and Health Outcomes.” This broader focus supports AJHP’s role as a source of the latest scientific evidence, practice information, news, and opinion pieces that can guide medication use and healthcare delivery at the patient, population, and policy levels.

This is a bold new vision for the Journal, and I hope that everyone shares our excitement about this transformation. These comprehensive changes didn’t happen overnight though. AJHP Editor in Chief Daniel J. Cobaugh, the Journal’s fifth editor in its 72-year history, has built upon the rich legacy established by his predecessors. Past editors C. Richard Talley, William A. Zellmer, George P. Provost, and Donald E. Francke pursued cutting-edge and captivating content that focused on advancing patient care and the roles of pharmacists. Their contributions include articles on advanced systems for medication preparation and distribution; evidence to support pharmacists’ roles as patient care providers; proceedings of visionary consensus conferences; studies on effective approaches to enhance patient safety; professional and ethical imperatives in pharmacy practice; ASHP professional standards that have advanced patient care and practice; and so much more.

To carry on this legacy and ensure that AJHP content continues to support our members’ efforts to provide optimal patient care, the AJHP editors will also pursue two to four theme issues per year. These theme issues will serve as a valuable resource not only for our members, but also for clinicians, thought leaders, policymakers, and others beyond the realm of ASHP and pharmacy. The first two theme issues will focus on Specialty Pharmacy and Individualized Medicine, and Kevin Colgan, M.H.A., and Phillip Empey, Pharm.D., Ph.D., respectively, will serve as the guest editors for these issues.

Our members also asked for an enhanced digital experience, one that goes beyond duplication of the print content and offers a more interactive experience – and we listened. You’ll notice immediate online upgrades such as the availability of PubMed-indexed, ahead-of-print articles and easier access to the AJHP Voices podcasts. And, over the next several months, AJHP will continue to enhance its digital experience by incorporating the new design into the online version of the Journal, and by developing a more dynamic reader experience that will keep you “turning the pages.”

Take a look at the new AJHP and let us know what you think. I look forward to your constructive feedback and your continued readership of our scholarly journal.

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of your patients and for being members of ASHP.