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Advocating for Pharmacists

By Paul Abramowitz posted 03-01-2017 15:53


Kasey Thompson, ASHP’s Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President for Policy, Planning and Communications, represented ASHP among leaders of the Patient Access to Pharmacists’ Care Coalition (PAPCC) this morning in a highly impactful fundraising breakfast for Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX). Dr. Burgess serves as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Health of the highly influential House Energy and Commerce Committee, which is one of the House committees considering H.R. 592, the Pharmacists in Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act. As Chairman, Dr. Burgess plays a key role in setting the subcommittee’s agenda and ultimately determining whether legislation moves out to the full committee.

Dr. Thompson shared with Congressmen Burgess the many important clinical pharmacy services that pharmacists provide in various settings, including ambulatory clinics and throughout all care transitions. He emphasized the role that ASHP members play as direct patient care providers who optimize therapy as key members of interprofessional teams. Further, he stressed to Dr. Burgess how those vital pharmacist patient care services improve therapeutic outcomes and decrease healthcare costs.

The goal for this event was to advance efforts to pass provider status legislation in 2017. Although this is but one of many things ASHP and the PAPCC are doing to move this important legislation, we believe it was a great step in the right direction. Further, we are pleased to have had a productive discussion with such an influential member of Congress, and one who is a physician by training. Dr. Burgess did not express any opposition to our legislation and is eager to continue the discussion with members of the PAPCC about the benefits of H.R. 592. Rest assured that ASHP and the PAPCC will continue speaking with Dr. Burgess, other members of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and their colleagues in the Senate as we look to move H.R.592 and S. 109 in 2017.

Thanks so much for everything you do for your patients and for being a member of ASHP.






03-04-2017 09:33

Nicely done Paul! I think the timing might be superb in that the Trump administration is looking for sound ways decrease healthcare expense while preserving clinical outcomes. Beyond representatives, have you helped make President Trump fully aware of the ROI per clinical pharmacist???

03-04-2017 08:47

I have read that Rep. Burgess is a leading proponent of ACA repeal. Aren't the health systems we work for generally against ACA repeal and the rapid and destabilizing changes that could bring? Medicaid expansion has also provided coverage for many in my state and that has been a positive for patients and institutions. Are we raising money for an ACA repealer?

03-03-2017 13:32

When will Congress take a vote?  This is the THIRD Congressional session that the bill has been introduced and had a LOT of co-sponsors.  I do not want t ahve anyone attend a FUND RAISER and TALK about this bill.  EITHER SUPPORT or DON'T SUPPORT, but take a vote.

03-01-2017 16:29

Great job Kasey, you always represent us well!  
As a reminder, let's all advocate for these bills in the 115th Congress
H.R. 592