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ASHP Unveils New Customizable Website

By Paul Abramowitz posted 03-20-2017 10:44


ASHP has an innovative new website to provide our members with a personalized experience. Customizable by practice setting and topics of interest, the new is a mobile-responsive site that combines ASHP’s diverse websites into one digital ecosystem.

This greatly enhanced website was created with our members in mind, and all of the exciting changes focus on making it easier for you to access the information you value and care about the most.

We wanted our website to be personalized to pharmacists’ needs, so after logging in, you are taken directly to a home page associated with your primary interest, such as ambulatory care practitioners, clinical specialists, managers, inpatient care practitioners, students and new practitioners, or informatics. The customized home page provides original news, links to communities on ASHP Connect, and member spotlights — all tailored to your interests.

We also created MyASHP, which allows ASHP members to customize their experience based on their needs and interests. MyASHP is your personal ASHP dashboard, showing your years of membership, as well as links to favorite pages. In the coming phases of the website redesign, we plan to add many exciting new features that will allow our members to personalize and customize their ASHP experience even more. This new website will undoubtedly become a highly valued career resource for our members who provide patient care services throughout the entire continuum of care.

On the surface, the website has a modern, professional, and welcoming design. Behind the scenes, it is powered by a best-in-class content management system with an integrated search function — allowing you to search across all of our websites at once. The site will continue to feature the latest in pharmacy news, information about drug shortages, and more.

Thank you so much for being a member of ASHP. I invite you to share your comments with us as you explore the new I think you’ll find that it’s more than just a website; it’s a digital experience and ecosystem.







03-21-2017 09:44

very good idea

03-20-2017 12:24

Customization is a brilliant approach!  Pharmacy in general and ASHP in particular has become so broad and deep that we're all looking for a web approach that puts the focus of our starting screen on our PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL wants and needs.  I'm eager to dig into this when time allows.

03-20-2017 11:24

Very nice!