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AJHP Goes Global with Oxford University Press Publishing Partnership

By Paul Abramowitz posted 07-25-2018 10:48


Yesterday we announced that ASHP has entered into a partnership with Oxford University Press (OUP) for the production, marketing, and sales of AJHP. This is great news for advancing AJHP’s cutting-edge scientific content globally and ensuring the long-term sustainability of this well-respected and widely read pharmacy journal.

AJHP plays an essential role in providing the latest evidence, practice information, news, and opinion pieces that guide medication use and healthcare delivery at the policy, population, and individual patient levels. For the past 75 years, ASHP has offered this high-impact, peer-reviewed journal as a benefit to ASHP’s members and a wide array of other readers. ASHP’s and AJHP’s commitment to providing original, credible, and relevant content to advance science, pharmacy practice, and health outcomes will not only continue with the OUP partnership, but will also expand to provide new opportunities worldwide.

Like ASHP, OUP is a mission-oriented, not-for-profit organization. As a highly esteemed publisher with a global presence and a commitment to excellence in research, scholarship, and education, OUP makes an ideal partner for the journal. I know that AJHP will enrich OUP’s portfolio of scientific journals.

ASHP members will see a multitude of benefits from the ASHP-OUP partnership. First and foremost among these is the increased relevance and impact of AJHP in a rapidly evolving scholarly publishing landscape. The expanded global reach resulting from the ASHP-OUP partnership will help amplify the research findings published in AJHP. Given OUP’s streamlined processes and production efficiencies, authors will experience more rapid publication of their articles, which will enable ASHP members to access the latest evidence and practice information much sooner. The Oxford Academic platform, which will host AJHP and AJHP Residents Edition online, will provide a dynamic digital user experience and enable expanded discovery of AJHP content, including the popular AJHP Voices podcasts. The transition to a new AJHP editorial structure will also provide opportunities for members to contribute their practice and research expertise to support the journal’s mission. In addition, as part of the transition to the OUP partnership and the new editorial structure, AJHP will offer expanded resources for authors and reviewers to support their ongoing development.

As part of our partnership model with OUP, beginning with the January 1, 2020, issue, AJHP will engage associate editors from ASHP’s membership with expertise in key pharmacy practice areas such as ambulatory and acute care, practice management, and practice-based research. This structure is similar to the editorial approach used by many other association-based journals. These associate editors will have responsibility for the peer review and selection of articles for publication in AJHP. Although this publishing partnership will enhance AJHP, it is important to note that ASHP will continue to own 100 percent of AJHP. The AJHP Editorial Office will remain at ASHP and will be overseen by Dr. Maryam Mohassel, who will continue to serve as AJHP’s managing editor, and Dr. Daniel Cobaugh, who will serve as Vice President of ASHP Publishing and AJHP Editor in Chief.

I hope you share my excitement about the continued transformation of AJHP as it continues to grow and serve as the premier source for impactful, relevant, and cutting-edge professional and scientific content that drives optimal medication use and health outcomes. 

Thank you for your support as we work together to help our patients achieve optimal medication therapy outcomes and to advance pharmacy practice.



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07-25-2018 11:31

This appears to be great news.  Partnerships are key to advancing healthcare and this appears to be a great one for ASHP!
Jacob Thompson