ASHP Enters the World of eBooks

By Rachel Gellman posted 07-11-2011 14:58

In case you missed a demo at the Summer Meeting or haven't had the chance to visit, I wanted to take some time to explain ASHP's new eBooks platform.

As of now, 25 titles are currently live on the ASHP eBooks store, and more will be added as they are ready. Through this portal, you can purchase and view an ebook either through your internet browser, or by downloading the title and reading offline on your laptop, desktop, or tablet that can view Adobe PDFs. A customized iPad app for the ASHP eBooks store is in final beta mode and once that is released, you can view those same purchases on your iPad as well.

With the ASHP eBooks platform, you can preview a title before you purchase with the View Inside functionality. For example, if I wanted to purchase Demystifying Opioid Conversion Calculations but wanted to first see a table of contents and a chapter, I can simply click on View Inside and I can flip through those pages. I can also email those contents to a friend, and share to social sites like Facebook.

You may be thinking, "Well that's great, but I already have a Kindle (or Nook or use iBooks or Google Editions)." Not to worry, our publishing team is currently hard at work making these titles available for those platforms as well. We will keep you posted both on Connect and on the ASHP website as new books and platforms are added.

We welcome any comments or questions you have regarding eBooks, as well as suggestions for which books are you interested in seeing in a digital format.

Thanks and Happy Reading!

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07-14-2011 13:31

Looking forward to the iPad app!