Don't Bypass the Prep: ASHP Recertification Module 1A Review

By Rena Gosser posted 04-29-2015 22:42

It's been quite the busy April! I recently traveled to Europe for 2 weeks and took my BCPS recertification materials abroad.  When you're stuck on a plane for 8 hours, there is no better opportunity to complete BCPS recertification modules!

I decided I would read the "refresher" materials (review articles about the nested case control study design) on the way there  and read the "application" materials (pill appearance, spironolactone studies) on the way back. Having a plan for completion and not bypassing (cardiology pun alert!) preparation really helped me to get through the module by my goal date.   The articles themselves were pretty interesting and applicable to what a pharmacist may encounter in practice.  

I completed the Module 1A assessment after I returned and the post-vacation craziness settled down. A downside of the module is that you only have one attempt to complete the assessment and must score at least a 77%.  There is no feedback to see which questions you got wrong, so no way to assess what you may have learned incorrectly. It would be nice to have some additional information accompany the incorrect answers.  It doesn't necessarily have to show what the right answer is, but perhaps additional resources that can lead to why the answer was wrong.  There is unlimited time to complete the assessment, with the ability to close and return at a future time to the point at which you left off.  

It was nice to go through one recertification module.  Now I know what to expect. Next Stop: Meta-Analyses!

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