I'm Down with No PE

By Rena Gosser posted 06-23-2015 17:32

Just when I thought I’d figured out the whole recertification module layout and flow…BOOM! The script is flipped and I’m back on my toes.

This module was a little different than others I’ve completed thus far. It included the 48 page European Society Guidelines on Acute Pulmonary Embolism, a study on the impact of pneumococcal vaccination in the U.S., and a review article on community acquired pneumonia. No overt stats articles, which is surprising given the focus on stats through BCPS certification and recertification thus far. The assessment questions, however, did sneak in a few stats concepts. Overall, this module was very patient oriented; many questions involved patient scenarios requiring assessment and/or pharmacotherapy recommendations. I am somewhat out of the "patient specific recommendation" pharmacist role and generally think of things from a more global patient perspective in my day to day role as a Drug Policy Pharmacist. I did appreciate the module focus on potential areas of pharmacist interventions, specifically in the management and prevention of PE from the European perspective.

As I continue to work through the modules, I’ve fine tuned my approach. I tend to slowly chip away at the modules, rather than set aside a large portion of the day. I am not sure if this will change come winter, but it is especially true now since the weather’s nice and the FIFA Women’s World Cup is in full swing! It’s been nice to set goals of completing a few questions here or there, which decreases fatigue that may come with completing these modules. The module feature that I am most thankful for is the Notes feature. The Notes feature allows me to write notes to myself in each question, as well as pin the question for followup. I’ve found that it has also helped me to quickly review concepts covered and pick back up where I left off.

One more module left in this group. For July, moving away from PE and pneumonia, but sticking with the lungs to cover asthma & COPD. Follow me on Twitter (@renagosser) as I work through it!

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