We're Back

By Rena Gosser posted 04-10-2016 12:47


We're Back! 

A new cycle of BCPS Ambassador blog posts is well underway!  I am very excited to share my thoughts and experiences on this next round of BCPS modules.   As you may (or may not) know, I am pretty obsessed with soccer.  It's been a major part of my life and I take full advantage of any opportunity to either watch, play, or coach.  One of the best parts of living in Seattle is having the Sounders.  The 2016 season has just begun, which means a new round of tifos.  Tifos are a planned display that takes the effort of hundreds of fans.  At the recent Sounders home opener, the tifo was an homage to the movie Poltergeist II, in which the little girl states, "They're Baaaaack" in reference to return of ghosts haunting their home.  I for one, have no plans to haunt ASHP Connect, but tifos really say a lot about coordinated effort.   One square is just a person holding a square, but hundreds of squares of varying colors and depths really paint a picture.  It is very similar to what the profession of pharmacy is shaping into at the moment.  Through coordinated efforts to advance the profession, it'll be interesting to see what tifo we come up with.

I decided to start with the Pharmacotherapy Specialty Review Course & Recertification Package.  It is composed of 3 groups:

1. CVD & Regulatory/Quality Issues

2. Research Design/Nursing Home/Breast Cancer

3. Pediatric Asthma/Med Safety/HIV/Pneumonia

I completed Group 1, which is separated into 4 activities and worth 5.5 hours of BPS credit.  It was composed of recorded presentations from the ASHP annual meeting and had tons of resources available for additional reading (or reference for a module assessment question).  I especially appreciated the thorough evaluation of the literature in this Group 1 module.  It is refreshing to see analysis of guideline recommendations that may not have robust evidence to support it. Double bonus for the fact that it tied the module concepts well to patient cases.  As always, biostatistics popped into this module, so make sure you take the time to have a grasp of the basic concepts.  The Regulatory/Quality Issues activity was succinct and to the point, providing a nice overview of quality metrics, public health initiatives, and federal regulations important to the health system pharmacist. The module had a much lower bar to pass (68%) than what I remembered from previous modules.  Between the recorded presentations and content quantity, this group may take some time to get through so be sure that you carve out enough time to complete it before the May 18th deadline!

To see a visual of what the Sounders home opener Tifo looked like, check out my Twitter account (@renagosser).  Happy Spring!


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