Keep It Simple

By Rena Gosser posted 06-28-2016 21:40


One of my New Year's resolutions is to complete 52 hikes in 2016.  Every Sunday, I wake up at the crack of dawn to travel to a new trailhead and knock another hike out for the week. After a busy week with complicated asks and competing responsibilities, it's refreshing to do such a simple activity.  I only pack the necessities, leave the technology behind, and put one foot in front of the other.  It's been a great way to clear my head and prioritize for the week, as well as think through problems that seemed unsolvable.  Hiking has provided the means to keep things simple, and if not already simple, the mental clarity to remove the extras to focus on what is most important.

I completed Group 3 of the Pharmacotherapy Specialty Review Course & Recertification Package. This group contained 3 activities (Pediatric Asthma, Medication Safety, HIV and Pneumonia) and is worth 5.5 hours of BPS credit. It was composed of recorded presentations from the ASHP Annual Meeting. Like the previous module, each activity provided links to additional resources, a bonus toolkit for future reference.  The presenters did an amazing job discussing these complicated topics in a manner that maximizes long term retention.  Each activity presented information in multiple formats, which helps those studying for BCPS (or needing recertification credit) to pick the method that best suits the preferred learning style.

The questions in this group were relatively straight forward and clustered in a manner that allowed focus of the topic area at hand.  It was great to be able to refer back to the video slides and the additional resources to clarify notes.  The questions were phrased in a very straight forward manner, putting the focus on the core concept rather than trying to insert confusion. This test package overall is very useful for those studying to take the BCPS exam for the first time, as it really pares down difficult concepts in a simple way.

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