ASHP APPE Rotation-Final Week!

By Sara Loftus posted 09-30-2019 21:24


Where did the month of September go? With much sadness, I am now writing my last blog as an ASHP APPE student. This month has been filled with learning various aspects of ASHP, engaging with staff, exploring new opportunities, and growing as a student pharmacist. I am very thankful for this unique opportunity as a student and this experience has helped me learn so much. 

This week, I had the opportunity to go back to Capitol Hill and visit offices in both the Senate and the House! During Legislative Day, ASHP members wrote thank you cards to their members of congress they met with, and the students at ASHP were able to deliver each of them to the respective office. It was a neat experience to walk through the halls of each Senate and House building and meet staff from various offices. I was also able to have lunch with Doug Huynh, ASHP’s Director of Federal Legislative Affairs, and learn how he engages with members of congress on various issues within pharmacy and healthcare. Policy is something that sparks my interest, and it was a great opportunity to see that part of ASHP.

During some of my meetings this week with various ASHP staff, I received the question of what was your favorite thing you have seen, done, or learned during your time here. This was a loaded question, because I have multiple answers for each part of that question! My favorite thing that I have seen here would have to be how much everyone genuinely cares about this organization. During each meeting and working on various projects, the spark in everyone’s eye is hard to miss. Each individual puts 110% into whatever they are working on, always keeping ASHP’s strategic plan in mind. It was very inspiring to witness such dedication from an organization, and I am proud to call ASHP my professional home because of it.

My favorite experience during the rotations was attending Policy Week and participating in Legislative Day. You can find more details on my Policy Week experience at my Week Two blog, and an in-depth discussion on my observations seeing pharmacy leaders from across the nation come to together to discuss important topics within pharmacy. I also enjoyed going to Capitol Hill and speaking with legislators about these specific issues. Having the opportunity to speak with members of Congress with other pharmacists is such an honor.

My most valuable lesson this past month was learning how to think from an ASHP perspective, keeping ASHP’s mission, vision, and values in mind. I had the unique opportunity of being at ASHP while serving as the Chair of the Pharmacy Student Forum, so I am able to bring what I have learned back to our executive committee and advisory groups. I now have a new perspective and see things differently, which will influence my leadership in ensuring student members, through their innovative ideas and projects, are continuing to drive ASHP’s mission and vision forward.

I am so grateful for this experience, and will miss the wonderful people at ASHP dearly! I am excited to go back home and see my husband and puppies, and go back to my normal routine. I am glad that I will be able to see many people again at Midyear this year, and hope we can stay in touch! I encourage students to consider completing an APPE rotation at ASHP. You can find more information about the program on the ASHP website.