Enhancing Your Succes

By Sara White posted 06-27-2011 10:04


What does it take to be successful? As pharmacists we are bright, having gotten through a rigorous school of pharmacy curriculum and passed our licensing board, however the skills to be successful are not often taught in school because of time limitations given all the science we need to know. Having trained over 100 pharmacy residents in my career I have assisted them to develop success skills. Since I am retired, I have had the time to write and publish much of this material as a Success Skills series in AJHP beginning in 2007.  You can locate them by doing an author search on the on-line AJHP or going to the ASHP Store section of the ASHP website and on the Pharmacy Leadership Field Guide page under bonus material you will find PDFs posted. At the end of each chapter in this book is a bar code that will also get you to them.

Here is a list of the titles.

Success Skills Article 1      Integrating Your Personal Life and Career

Success Skills Article 2      Building and Maintaining a Professional Network

Success Skills Article 3      How to Find and Succeed as a Mentor (Jennifer Tryon)

Success Skills Article 4      Working Efficiently

Success Skills Article 5      Working Effectively with People

Success Skills Article 6      Using Self-Talk to Enhance Career Satisfaction and


Success Skills Article 7     Managing Yourself So Others Want to Work with You

Success Skills Article 8     Managing Your Energy Level

Success Skills Article 9     Managing Change Transitions

Success Skills Article 10   Career Renewal

Success Skills Article 11   Your Professional Practice Vision

Success Skills Article 12   Leading From a Staff or Clinical Position

Success Skills Article 13   Becoming an Effective Pharmacy Supervisor (Toby Clark)

Success Skills Article 14   Public Speaking Revisited: Delivery, Structure, and Style

                                     (Mike DeCoske)

Success Skills Article 15   Maximizing Your Pharmacy Brand

 I plan to continue to write/publish them as I have the time. What other topics would be of interest to you and are these helpful? Please comment.


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