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An Opportunity

By Sara White posted 01-31-2021 11:44


An Opportunity I think you all know Susan Boyer, Bruce Scott and I have just published an ASHP Book Letters from Leaders in Pharmacy: Advice from Pharmacy Leadership Academy Graduates, Faculty and Mentors. We are now working on the next “Letters Book” and are seeking your input. It seems to us that the next topic should focus on the chapter of your career immediately following your last full time position or job. Thus how are you thinking about “the Next Chapter”/”Retirement”/”Your Legacy”? We want to have the book available by the 2021 Dec ASHP Mid-Year Meeting.

We would appreciate your thoughts on the following:

  1. Would such a book be of interest to you as a reader


  1. What questions/topics would you like to see covered


  1. Any other thoughts regarding this topic you’d like to share, and


  1. Would you be willing to contribute a letter (only 2,000 words) about your experiences and/or questions you have as you think about how you will handle for yourself?

If you are interested in being a contributor or would like to discuss the possibility please email me your email address to Sara at so we can communicate directly.


Thanks a bunch Sara