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Integrating Life/Career and Leadership Development Resources

By Sara White posted 03-07-2021 11:34


Bite Size (5 minute) Advice for Integrating Life and Career for Busy Pharmacists. Which was presented at the virtual Dec MCM Is now available for those who didn't attend the meeting in the ASHP e-learning section. You can find it under the catalog tab.

  • Introduction/Announcements Sara J. White
  • Designing A Vision/Mission That Spans Both Personal and Professional Life Jessica Hill
  • Bye Bye FOMO How to Get Rid of the Fear of Missing Out Rena Gosser,
  • Modeling Real Life for Learners Holly Snider and Lisa Edgerton
  • Yoga Mediation Burnout Jill Bates
  • Take Girl Trips-Book Ahead Lea S. Eiland
  • Job Sharing Options Deb Devereaux
  • Professional Organization Involvement Amber J. Lucas
  • Why Men/Partners Should Take Paternity Leave Brook DesRivieres
  • Tips On How To Leave Work On Time Cynthia K. Jeter
  • How Desktop and Mobile Wallpapers (Re-) Organize Your Life Melinda (Mindy) J. Burnworth
  • Similarities Between Raising Children and Being A Leader Jennifer E. Tryon
  • Working Efficiently For Integration Angela Slampak-Cindric
  • Mom Guilt Ways to Cope Kim W. Benner
  • Maximizing Productivity at Work Delia Carias
  • Automating Life Activities Using Technology Michelle Estevez

As you continue your leadership career and develop those that you work with as well as students and residents consider the following.

Podcasts ASHP Women in Pharmacy Leadership and Melis Rx Scripts

Conversations with Health-System Pharmacy's Most Influential Leaders. Individual and Topic Videos and Podcasts including discussion guides

You do not need to be a member of ASHP to get to these and they are on the ASHP Foundation Website. You can either type in the search function Conversations or use this URL (They actually play on YouTube which you will be taken to).

Individuals you will find are: Stephen Allen, R. David Anderson, Susan Cantrell, William Ellis, Sharon Murphy Enright, John Gans, Lisa Gersema, Harold Godwin, Lucinda Maine, Henri Manasse, Joseph Oddis, Paul Pierpaoli, Pamela Ploetz, Max Ray, Mary Joe Reilly, Bruce Scott, Dennis Tribble, Sara White, Billy Woodward, David Zilz, Tribute to Gloria Francke, and Tribute to Clifton Latiolais. These are located on the Foundation Web Page Leadership Program Tab and you don't have to be an ASHP member to view them.

Topics include the following as excerpts from the individual Conversations:

Pioneers and Innovators: Gloria Niemeyer Francke and Clifton Latiolais

Pioneers and Innovators: R. David Anderson and Harold N Godwin

Dual Career Couples: The Work-Life Balance with Susan Cantrell, Lucinda Maine and Sharon Murphy Enright

The Evolving Practice of Health-System Pharmacy from the perspectives of Pam Ploetz, Billy Woodward and Sara White

The Value of Mentors: Maximizing the Mentoring Relationship from Bruce

Scott, Paul Pierpaoli, David Zilz and Harold Godwin

Landmark Events: Milestones Shaping the Future of Health-System Pharmacy from the perspectives of Max Ray, Joseph Oddis, Mary Jo Reilly, John Gans and Dennis Tribble.

Landmark Events: The Development of Specialization with William Ellis

From ASHP and Amazon Books

Pharmacy Leadership Filed Guide (case based), Wisdom From the Pharmacy Trenches, Letters To Young Pharmacists, Letters From Rising Stars, Letters From Pharmacy Residents, Letters From Women Pharmacists, Letters From Preceptor and Letters From Leaders.

Book Summaries (some used as readings in the Pharmacy Leadership Academy, PLA ) and for about $200/year you get 2-3 every month. is an audio (15 minutes/each) review of books that I find helpful,  For under $100/year you will receive one daily. Check out the offerings as you will find some of PLA readings such as Covey. I listen when driving or exercising.

Success Magazine has lots of short articles and some Podcasts.

Mind Tools is a subscription service, which comes out monthly with useful information. You may recognize it from my use of it for some of my ASHP Connect posts.

Please share what that you find helpful so we all can benefit.