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Like to write? Looking to get published?

By Steve Soman posted 10-26-2013 14:04


If you are a student, a recent graduate, or professional who is looking to get published, the Rho Chi Post is a great newsletter to contribute to.

What is the Rho Chi Post?
The Rho Chi Post is a monthly, electronic, student-operated, dean-approved newsletter of the Rho Chi Beta Delta Chapter of St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. It is a unique platform reviewed by professionals and faculty members. The newsletter is entering its 3rd consecutive year of publication and has been able to maintain high standards of professionalism, creative content, and unique opportunities for both students and working professionals.  The Rho Chi Post encourages students, preceptors, faculty members, administrators, and all interested parties to submit content for publication.
(Note: You do not have to be a member of the Rho Chi Honor Society to contribute to the newsletter).

Who is the audience?
Each issue of the Rho Chi Post is distributed to students, faculty, and alumni of St. John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences via email. Issues are sent via email to previous guest authors. All published newsletters to-date are also easily accessible online.

How can I submit an article?
You can submit an article by clicking here and registering for an account. If you would like to submit but are unsure of what to write about, click here for a list of article topics and suggested resources.

How do I reference my article?
If you have already published and article and want to reference it on your CV, the suggested format is as follows: [Author(s)]. [Article Title]. Rho Chi Post. [Year and Month Published]. [Volume]([Issue]):[Pages].
Ex: Dimitropoulos, E. BRAIN Initiative: Mapping the Human Brain. Rho Chi Post. 2013 Oct. 3(1):7-8.

Where can I go to stay tuned to Rho Chi Post?
You can access past and current issues, read about our history and current editorial team, and contact us at the following websites:
The Rho Chi Post website

They can also be reached via email at

Spread the word!
The Rho Chi Post continues to gain recognition and readership in pharmacy schools and amongst professionals throughout the nation. The Rho Chi Post not only offers its readers the latest news, clinical information, and professional advice, but it also provides professionals a unique opportunity to network and become published. Be sure to check out the Rho Chi Post website and get published! 

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