About me and my Heritage

By Taracia Chappell posted 11 days ago


I am an American with Inuktitut heritage.  Half white and half Alaskan Native.  I've always been able to look on both sides of the fence. I am 45-year-old woman and have been married for 29 years to the father of my 2 children.  We are planning on renewing our vows within the year!  My mom was born in Koyuk, Alaska.  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  I was the youngest till my little brother was born.  We moved along Sacramento, Ca., Oregon, and landed in Moses Lake, Wa. where I met my husband and I moved in with him when I was 17.  I finished high school and we had our first son on my 19th birthday.  He, Dennis; who is 26 is still living with us today. We also have a son (my stepson) who is 28 (Jordan).  

  I have 6 years of further education and have worked since I was 16.  I hold an International Certified Pharmacy Technician license that I have had worked with for twenty years.  I have always loved school and was my sanctuary when I was a child. I was very athletic through school till I started smoking cigarettes and making bad choices.  I stopped bullies in grade school and broke up a fight in high school; as well as once when I was at work here in Texas.  I don't like name calling, belittling, lying, thievery, or taking more than what is needed and what is not yours.

  I became an entrepreneur last year about this time: Aquarius Jeweled Beads and Art; a totally online store that specializes in custom jewelry and study materials.  I am working on funds to finish my Bachelors in Business Administration, concentrating in Accounting and a Minor in computer programming.  After I am through with that, I would like to obtain a Masters in Accountancy.

  I created a virtual study group early 2018 with what Strayer University’s laptop they offered with entering in a BBA degree.  I have used three collaborating platforms and have decided to stay with Microsoft Teams.  I have 99 members with about 10 participating in my weekly meetings.

  I am struggling to quit smoking; once again and am about to start a new job in the same retail pharmacy field that offers incentive to quit!  I will definitely use that opportunity if I can’t do it myself.  I am also starting a workout regimen that will involve lifting weights, aerobics, tai chi, and max trainer.  I did weight training while I trained for a marathon and went from 120 to 145 pounds of lean muscle!  I will do it again and live a long and prosperous life. My husband and I will start a Judo class in about a month to bond and gain discipline.

  I love the environment, camping, and the stars.  I am Christian and am reviving that part of my life when I was first received by the Lord; along with my husband.  I hope and pray that we meet good new friends at this new church I’ve chosen.

 I have an idea of a village like setting for neighborhoods with no concrete between houses, just grass, gardens or whatever the inhabitant wants to make to call it their home.  A parking area for cars for those who choose to use it, a ways off.  I appreciate this opportunity to discuss current topics in today's lives of people in the same Retail Pharmacy field.

Good Journey!